Aquarium Fish (Collins Gem)

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This handy, pocket-sized guide is essential reading for anyone who owns, or is thinking of investing in, an aquarium. It’s packed with colour photographs and provides all the information you need in a concise and accessible format.

This compact guide is full of helpful information and expert advice on setting up an aquarium and caring for your fish. It explains the different types of tank, equipment and fish that can be kept, and guides you through the basics of caring for and breeding fish.

Highly illustrated throughout with stunning colour photographs, this book contains profiles of all the most popular aquarium fish, along with information and advice on:
• Acquiring, keeping and understanding fish
• Choosing a tank
• Understanding the ‘extras’: heating, lighting, filters, gravel and rock work
• Creating a planting scheme of real or artificial plants
• Setting up and maintaining the tank
• Keeping your fish healthy
• Foods and feeding
• Recognising and preventing disease
• Breeding and rearing

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