Friendly Fish Co. 3-in-1 Fish Tank/Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Starter Kit w/Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner, Fish Net & Magnet Brush & Algae Scraper BPA Free Aquarium Cleaning Tools

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Looking for an all in one fish tank cleaner kit? Look no further! The Friendly Fish Co. Fish Tank 3 in 1 Fish Tank Accessories Kit has everything you need to keep your fish aquarium clean & comes with the best general fish/betta fish accessories and aquarium supplies for your fish tank!

Includes: 1. 1x Aquarium Gravel Cleaner / Vacuum 2. 1x Green 4′ Fish Net 3. 1x Floating Magnet Cleaner Brush w/ Scraper

Whether you have a 3 gallon fish tank, 5 gallon fish tank, 10 gallon fish tank, 30 gallon fish tank, 50 gallon fish tank or 55 gallon fish tank, you need a fish tank kit with a aquarium pump and magnetic window cleaner that will keep your aquarium tank clean. So get the best fish tank starter kit & saltwater aquarium supplies on the market!

Our gravel vacuum for aquarium/water vacuum/water vacuum cleaner has our easy start priming bulb & pebble screen making water changes simple & fast! Our aquarium vacuum separates debris from gravel for easy cleaning. No more hassling with priming your aquarium siphon! Squeeze the bulb on the fish tank pump & the hose starts the water flow. Our Inlet Filter separates debris & pulls it away w/ the flowing water disposing of it while the gravel falls back down to the aquarium floor. Our aquarium water pump is as easy as that! Our fish tank cleaning tools & fish tank supplies don’t just come w/ an aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner/siphon hose, but other fish aquarium accessories, too! Our magnetic glass cleaner brush & aquarium net make our kit the perfect aquarium starter kit/aquarium tools for any mini fish tank, large tank or reef tank! Stop searching for “aquarium kits everything included” & “fish net aquarium “& get the fish supplies w/ the all-in-one fish cleaning kit that has aquarium water changer/fish tank vacuum/fish tank siphon, fish tank net, & algae scraper! Precautions For Glass 10g+ Aquariums Only. Don’t use on any surfaces other than glass. *Warning* Small parts, choking hazard.

  • ✅ THE PERFECT ALL-IN-1 FISH TANK CLEANER KIT! – Comes with all the aquarium accessories necessary to keep all your fish tanks clean and your fish happy!
  • ✅ INCLUDES 1x AQUARIUM GRAVEL VACUUM CLEANER – Use our fish tank cleaner vacuum to easily change water without disrupting the aquarium gravel in your tank! The perfect siphon pump for any fish owner!
  • ✅ INCLUDES 1x ULTRA FINE GREEN NYLON FISH NET – Remove pesky debris from your tank. It’s soft and gentle so it won’t harm your betta fish!
  • ✅ INCLUDES 1x SMALL FLOATING AQUARIUM GLASS CLEANER – Comes with optional stainless steel or plastic blades to easily scrape off algae on the inside of your aquarium glass. Our Aquarium magnet cleaner works with any saltwater fish tank, fresh water fish tank, small fish tank or large fish tank.
  • ✅ AMERICAN OWNED & OPERATED! -We love fish and wanted to bring our passion to the world! We created the perfect aquarium kit that comes with all the fish tank accessories you need to clean and maintain your aquarium or fish bowl (algae scraper will not work in fish bowl)!

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