GIEMSON Aquarium Cleaning Tools, 7 Packs Aquarium Fish Tank Clean Tool Set for Fish Tank Cleaning

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Perfect multi-function aquarium cleaning tool.It can remove the dirty things from the bottom of your tank effectively. Perfect for cleaning aquariums and fish tanks.

Product parameters:
Stretchable handle (1.8ft to 2.6ft length)
Material: ABS plastic
Color: Black, blue
Pack Size: 29 * 20.8 * 3.3cm

Package included:
Clean Sponge: use to clean the glass walls and acrylic aquarium
Spoon Net: used for the daily cleaning of floating objects in the aquarium
Fish net: used to fish and fish when changing the aquarium
Algae scraper: used to scrape algae from the bottom of the aquarium
Plant fork: used to extract aquatic plants from an aquarium
Gravel rake: used for the daily gravel cleaning, finishing the sand and gravel shifting caused by the fish swimming

  • Package included: Aquarium clean tools including a cleaning sponge, a spoon net, an algae scraper, a plant fork, a gravel rake and two fish net, perceft for remove dirt from the bottom of the tank.
  • Adjustable handle: stretching freely, tight and not to fall off. It can be adjustable from 1.8ft to 2.6ft, it’s longer enough to clean your aquarium fish tank clear without wetting your hands.
  • Material: ABS plastic, it is very strong and can be used for a long time without bending or breaking.
  • Instructions: It’s very easy to install and use, you just need to assemble the handle and accessory bracket to the pole, you can easily connect the required length to capture the fish and shrimp.
  • Note: The fishing net can withstand a weight of about 1.2kg and the blade is very sharp, please keep a safe distance when using it.Children please use under the supervision of adults.

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