Hygger 14W Full Spectrum Aquarium Light with Aluminum Alloy Shell Extendable Brackets, White Blue Red LEDs, External Controller, for Freshwater Fish Tank (18-24 inch)

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Hygger high-quality led aquarium light with extendable mounting brackets is specially designed for most fish tank (12-52 inch) use.
We use 5730 Leds, more bright and energy saving, soft light will make your aquarium water looks sparkly clean, the green or red
plants under the water looks more bright and beautiful.

Other features of hygger aquarium led light:
– The whole light shell is aluminum alloy metal, nice touch feel, fast heat dissipation.
– Comes with 2 kinds of freely extendable mounting brackets.
– External controller has memory function in case of power-down.
– Easy to install on covered or uncovered, with rim or rimless glass or acrylic fish tanks.
– 3 light color modes: White LEDS, Blue+white+red LEDS, Red+ blue LEDS.
– Under each light color modes, you can adjust the light brightness for 5 levels .
– You can set light time to 3h, 6h, 12h on the controller.
– Acrylic baffle to prevent water drops in. No steam.
– Seals with waterproof glue, if accidently falls in water for a moment it will not damage the light.

3 Led light color modes
The white led light is for daytime use. Simulate natural sun light to help plant growing.
The other led color light is for night time use, make the underwater word more colorful.

How does time setting work?
Please note that when it reaches to the set lighting time, the light will not turn off, it will keep at the dimmest levels.

Output: DC 12V
Input: AC100-240V/60HZ
Wattage & Led QTY& fish tank:
9W (18 white+4 blue+2 red) for 12-18 inch fish tank
14W (30 white+6 blue+3 red) for 18-24 inch fish tank
16W (30 white+8 blue+4 red) for 24-30 inch fish tank
20W (42 white+12 blue+6 red) for 30-36 inch fish tank
25W (54 white+14 blue+7 red) for 36-46 inch fish tank
32W (60 white+18 blue+9 red) for 46-52 inch fish tank
Kelvin: 6500K
Cable Length: 5ft +1.8ft

  • 🐠【Ultra Bright Led Light】this aquarium led light is DC12V/14W, 5730 large leds, super bright, makes the aquarium water look more sparkly clean.Suggest for fish tank 18 inch to 24 inch in width, support low-to-mid light level plant growth. Input: AC100-240V/60HZ. Suitable for freshwater aquarium, not for saltwater use
  • 🐠【Adjustable Brackets】the fish tank light comes with 2 metal and 2 plastic mounting brackets, which are both freely extendable. You can easily to install this led fish tank light on most aquarium tanks, with cover or no, with rims or rimless
  • 🐠【3 Light Color Modes】this aquarium light has 3 light modes: White LEDS, Blue+white+red LEDS, Red+ blue LEDS, it’s very easy to shift the color by press the second button for 1 to 3 times on the controller. Color changes will make your one aquarium change to 3 different wonderful views
  • 🐠【Brightness & Timing】 you can adjust the light brightness from 100% to 10% according to your prefer or the light needs of the plants, 5 levels of brightness in total. Besides, on the external controller, you can set the lighting time to 3, 6 or 12 hours by pressing the third button for 1 to 3 times
  • 🐠【Durable Aquarium Light】low profile mounting bracket fish tank light, with aluminum alloy metal shell,has a nice feel and fast heat dissipation. With high-quality leds, energy efficient, can last up to 20000 hours of lighting

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