Hygger 4 Gallon Glass Fish Tank Smart LED Temperature Display Aquarium Starter Kit with Lid

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Add a splash of life to your home with Hygger 4 Gallon Glass Aquarium. Made from 4 mm thick, scratch proof glass With black aluminum trim, it’s contemporary look that will fits any room with limited space such as desktops, countertops or offices. Equipped with advanced touch screen 14-bulb lighting hood which will emit shimmering white daytime and relaxing pink light effect for fish and plant. A perfect little tank for house Betta fish, small tropical fish, shrimp or plants.

Made from 4 mm thick, scratch proof glass with aluminum trim
Modern look fits any room with limited spaces
Touch screen switch from different LED Lighting mode
Shimmering white daytime, relaxing pink moonlight and dim white light effect
Real time water temperature LED display
Utilized as Betta tank, Shrimp Tank, Planted Tank and small tropical fish
Comes with water pump and two filter cartridges boxes

Item name: Hygger 4 Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit
Model: HG-948
Dimension: 11.2×7.5×12.6 inch
Weight: 5.2 pounds
Item name: Hygger LED Light Hood
Dimension: 7×1.2 inch
Power: 7 W
Voltages: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Length of wire: 5 ft
LED bulbs: 7 white bulbs, 4 red bulbs, 2 blue bulbs and 1 green bulbs
Item name: 3-in-1 water pump
Power: 3 W
Voltages: 110V, 60Hz
H.max: 1.64 ft
Q.max : 106 gph

Aquarium Starter Kit Includes:
1× Mini aquarium glass tank with LED Hood
1× Submersible pump
2× Filter media cartridges
1× Air tube
1× Intake water tube
1× Intake strainer
1× Coupling connector
1× T- Elbow
1× Rain pipe
1× User manual

  • Hygger 4 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit Includes – 4 gallon glass aquarium, 3-in-1 water pump, 4 LED lighting mode hood, and 2-pack filter cartridges replacement. Add gravel, fish, plant and décor to complete your aquarium
  • Smart Touch Screen LED Lighting Hood – Simple touch to the button next to digital number of the aquarium lid to switch from shimmering white daytime effect to relaxing moon light for night. 4 lighting modes with white, blue, red and green LED bulbs
  • Quiet 3-IN-1 Water Pump – This 3-watt submersible pump helps water cycling while the bio ball filter cartridge box helps to clean water, absorbs odors and discoloration, provide a crystal clear water for your aquarium. Connect with air tube, it produces bubbles that agitate water surface (PS: water flow is non-adjustable)
  • Easy Access Flip Lid – Flipped aluminum canopy is easy to access to tank for feeding and regular maintenance ; Equipped with temperature probe, easy to read digital LED real time water temperature
  • Easy to Set up and Maintain – This sleek, modern fish tank completes any compliment of home, office, counter and desktop. Perfect for house small tropical fish, shrimp and plant. Aquarium dimension: 11″ L x 7.5″ W x 12.6″ H

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