Hygger Aquarium Glass Cleaner, Magnetic Fish Tank Cleaner Brush with 2 Aquarium Algae Scrapers Floating Strong Magnetic (Medium)

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Material: Magnet + ABS plastic
Weight: 174g / 280g
S – length: 3.8in, width: 1.8in, height: 2in
M – length: 4.4in, width: 2.2in, height: 2.2in

Function :
✔ Suitable for many types of fish tanks, such as acrylic, glass or plastic.
✔ Strong magnetic can clean the inside and outside of the fish tank at the same time without falling.
✔ Self-floating design prevents the brush from sinking into the bottom of the fish tank and can be easily removed from the fish tank.
✔ Equipped with two different scrapers to remove stubborn stains, plastic blade and metal blade.
✔ The internal brush surface is a plastic hook surface, which is good in decontamination, will not scratch the glass of the fish tank, and quickly removes the dirt on the inner wall of the fish tank.
✔ The exterior brush surface is abrasion-resistant soft fabric that wipes the surface of the fish tank. The fabric is soft and easy to clean.

Warm Tips:
1. Due to strong magnetism, please pay attention to avoid pinching and keep it away from CHILDREN!
2. DO NOT use cleaner if you wear pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators devices!
3. When cleaner stick together, rotate one of the cleaner by 90 degree to separate it.
4. Make sure magnet cleaner stay away from high temperature that may cause demagnetization. 5. Keep a distance from all sharp objects (such as scissors).
6. Due to the special material of the acrylic fish tank, it is easy to scratch. It is recommended not to use our aquarium cleaner magnet or use it with very little strength.

  • 🐟[EASY TO USE] The brush surface of fish tank cleaner is rubbed by the magnetic , so that the inside and outside of the fish tank can be fixed, and hands do not need to reach into the tank to scrub. Magnetic aquarium glass cleaner is suitable for many types of glass aquariums. It can help you remove stains, create a clean environment for fish or other aquatic animals, and keep the aquarium clean.
  • 🐟[HIGH QUALITY] The material on the internal brush will catch the garbage and dirt of the tank, which is easy to clean without scratching the glass, saving time and effort, and no dead ends. The outer brush is a soft velvet cloth, which feels soft and easy to clean, effectively removes dirt on the surface of the fish tank, and keeps the fish tank bright and clean.
  • 🐟[FLOATING DESIGN] The brush plate will not sink to the bottom of the tank, it will float on the water surface when separated, easy to pick up, more humane design, and your hands will not get wet and dirty. Aquarium magnet cleaner is suitable for glass thicknesses from 0.5 inches to 0.95 inches, and for fish tank from 90 gallons to 200 gallons.
  • 🐟[STRONG MAGNETIC] aquarium magnet cleaner is made of rare earth magnets, the magnets have strong magnetic, have incredible cleaning strength and firmness, are not easy to fall, and aquarium cleaner is easier to clean the fish tank. Because the magnetic is very strong, use it carefully to avoid injury. Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • 🐟[COMFORTABLE CONVENIENT] The aquarium magnetic cleaner is equipped with two scrapers, one is metal and the other is plastic. Fish tank glass cleaner magnet can easily remove dirt without scratching the glass of the fish tank. You can also choose to clean without blades. And the streamlined grip design fits the palm of the hand, has a beautiful appearance.

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