Hygger Magnetic Cleaner Aquarium Fast Cleaning Brush with Detachable Blade, Algae Scraper Floating Magnet Scrubber for Glass Fish Tank 60 to 100 Gallon, Comes with 2 Blades (Small)

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Hygger aquarium strong magnet cleaning brush is design to quickly scrape algae off the glass tank without putting hand in tank, like an eraser to use under water.

This magnetic scraper is an useful aquarium cleaning tool for freshwater or saltwater fish tank, scrape off hard algae, green spot algae, calcium algae,
mineral deposits or other buildup on the glass.
Features of the magnet brush:
– Very easy to install and use.
– Quickly & completely cleaning effect.
– With scrubbing pads and detachable blades.
– Strong magnet, can last forever.
– Anti slip groove handle design.
– Staying afloat when the magnet is removed.
– Clean the outside and inside of the glass at the same time.
– Plastic blade is as hard as stainless blade, both are not sharp cutting blades.

2 sizes available:
Small size: suggest for fish tank length 35-45inch, glass thickness 0.35-0.43inch.
Medium size: suggest for fish tank length 40-67inch, glass thickness 0.39-0.67inch.

Use directions:
1. Suggest for glass aquariums, not for acrylic tanks.
2. Place the brush and blades where children can’t reach.
3. When taking out the 2 magnet sides, please don’t put them close to each other, put a book between them.
4. The blade is easy to put on and take off, please don’t press too hard, or may get cuts.
5. Don’t use the magnet scraper near sand or gravel.
6. To prevent scratches on glass, please make sure there is no gravel pancaked between the sides pads.
7. You should always inspect the pads and blade for any grit, dirt, or defects.
8. Don’t suggest use for bow front, curved or circle tanks.

Maintain method:
Please don’t leave the inside scraper piece in the tank for too long, after finishing the cleaning, you should take the brush out and clean the 2 scrubbing pads
and blade, dry them and place them in the original packing.

  • 🐠【Fast Cleaning Brush】Strong magnetic aquarium cleaner helps you to scrape the algae off the fish tank quickly and completely, just drop the scraper side into the water, no hands get wet and no damage to corals, you will love the feeling of scraping the algae off tank. Small size brush is suggest for fish tank 60-100gallon, glass thickness 0.35-0.43inch
  • 🐠【Staying Afloat & Strong Magnet】The aquarium scraper is floating design, when you drop one side into water, it will float on water, then you use the other side slowly close to it, the magnet is strong enough to hold it. When the magnet is removed, the side with blade will keep floating. Please choose the right size according to your tank glass thickness and close them together as slow as possible, or the instantaneous strong magnetic force may make the glass cracked
  • 🐠【Blade Detachable】the magnetic cleaner brush comes with 1 stainless blade and 1 plastic blade, use the metal blade to scrape hard algae or mineral deposits on glass tank. The blades are easy to put on and off, you can only use the brush to scrub if you don’t want to use the blade together. Please don’t worry the blade is not sharp cutting blade, but still need you be careful, keep them away from children
  • 🐠【Inside Outside Cleaning】for this magnet fish tank brush,the blade is mainly for scraping algae, to clean the tank glass more completely, we design scrubbing pads on the 2 sides of the brush, the inside piece is hook pads to scrub algae, the outside piece is soft loop pads to scrub the dust on the glass. Please note the blades and the scrubbing pads can be replaced when they wear out, we will sell the replaced blades and scrubbing pads
  • 🐠【How to avoid scratches】generally, this aquarium cleaning brush will not scratch the tank, but it may cause scratches if the blade gets defects or it picks up small pieces of sand or gravel pancaked between the sides during a flip.So please inspect the blade before use, don’t use it near sand, clean the brush timely after use

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