Jeeco 5 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaner, Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Siphon Vac with Algae Scraper, Water Flow Controller and Extendable Pipe for Quick Water Changing, Sand and Gravel Cleaning

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Why do we need to frequently change water and clean gravel and sand??
It is important to keep a healthy environment for our underwater friends. Without water changes, invisible toxins build up in your tank creating a toxic environment for the aquarium inhabitants. But, with this superior quality siphon gravel cleaner pump by carpets, you can do routine cleaning and water changing frequently and effortlessly without hurting your aquarium fishes and the underwater world you create.

Changing water is no longer a difficulty. This fish tank cleaner kit helps you clean up your fish tank efficiently and quickly! Perfect for drainage, cleaning fish leftover food, droppings and fine gravel.

1. Connect the inlet and outlet pipe.
2. Put in a suitable location.
3. Press the air-pressing button with fingers lightly.
4. Absorb the residue.

1. Please clean the internal garbage regularly
2. Please check for air leakage when connecting the pipe
3. The outlet pipe cannot bend when using
4. When you use the gravel cleaner, please lets the water outlet lower than the inlet when in use (at least 19.6inch).

Package Included:
1 x Aquarium Gravel Cleaner
1 x Water Flow Clamp
1 x Fixture Clamp
1 x Plastic Scrubber
Inlet Tubes:2* Length 15.75in
Soft Outlet Tube: :1* Length 81in

  • AIR-PRESSING AND WATER FLOW CONTROLLER: This Air-pressing Button has strong suction, can allow one-hand operation even as a child. The water flow clamp can help you optimize the water flow and fix the pipe. When you want to clean and drainage water, first connect the inlet and outlet pipe, then press the Air-pressing Button to create a siphon until water comes into the bucket automatically.
  • 5 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Water changing, sand washing, and excrement absorbing, raking sand, scraping algae. No immersing your hands in the aquarium water, No spilling water on the ground, minimum water disturbance. Plastic scraper assembly which may be attached to the cleaner for removing deposits to accumulate upon the interior surface of an aquarium, won’t scratch your precious glass tanks
  • EXTENSION WATER INLET & OUTLET TUBES: This Aquarium cleaner tool kit has 2 inlet tubes (2*15.75in), which can be extended and combined together. It must work with a various fish tank. The 6-foot flexible hose with clip can be attached on the bucket to prevent water from splashing.
  • FISH PROTECTOR: The fish tank gravel cleaner includes a filter basket net which prevents aquarium gravel from jamming the check valve assembly and smaller fish from being sucked into the apparatus
  • EASY TO USE: Easy operation, easy to install, Do not need to energize when changing water, this siphon will work as long as the drainage bucket is lower than the tank, fitting different-sized fish tank.

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