MingDak LED Aquarium Hood Light – Fish Tank Light, Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets,Combination Lighting Color White & Blue & Green & Red & Purple,6500K,48 Inches

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Why do you choose this light?

Whether a fish is living in salt or freshwater, aquarium lighting is always a necessity for any tank. Lighting is not only ideal for the pleasure of those viewing your aquarium, but it also gives off vital energy and influences fish behavior and other living things, like coral. Fish tank LED lights are a game changer from the standard fluorescent lights. This light takes very little energy to produce, and has a low heat output. LED lights have different color spectrums that provide various enhancements and effects.


Fits for Aquarium Size: 47″- 56″Aquarium

Light Kevin:6500K

Light Spectrum:400 to 700 nanometers

Luminance: 3000Lux

LED Quantity:204 LEDs (150 White +30 Blue + 8 Red + 8 Purple +8 Green)

Light board size: 45.8 x 4.5 x 0.98inches

Bracket length:5.9inches




Adapter Power:


Output: 20V-2A


Package Includes:

1 x LED Aquarium hood Light

1 x US Plug

2 x Brackets

1 x Use Manual



  A glass canopy is recommended to extend the life of the unit by preventing moisture from affecting it.

  Before you add a new lighting to your tank, it is recommended that you do several water changes to try and reduce the amount of nutrients in the water.

  The recommended lighting time is 8-10 hours.

  Fits Aquarium Size: 33 Long, 40 Long, 55, 72 Bow Front

  • MORE SPECIALIZED LIGHT SOURCES: Mingdak 6500 Kevin full-spectrum LED aquarium light which have the spectral range of lighting from 400 to 700 nanometers that is needed by plants & symbiotic zooanthellic algae have produced the best freshwater plant growth.Your java moss, marimos, banana plants will thrive under the powerful Led lights.
  • BRINGING FISH COLOR OUT:Mingdak LED aquarium light gives off vital energy, influences fish behavior,brings out the Best Color of your Fish.This Mingdak LED Aquarium light is 25% brighter than other standard light.Bright light not only helps enrich the color of the fish,but also helps darken the pigments of many fish, making them stand out.
  • MAKING AQUARIUM VIEWING PLEASURE:Mingdak LED Aquarium Lights provide the ultimate opportunity to create a realistic underwater home-aquarium environment.Two lighting modes, the full-spectrum dayling will produce a beautiful halo effect on the water and your fish and plant will come to life under these lights,and blue moon light help to observe nocturnal behavior.
  • ENERGY-SAVING AND LOW RADIATION:Mingdak LED aquarium light fixtures are extremely energy-efficient,low power consumption and 50,000 hour bulb life.This light takes very little energy to produce and has a low heat output.They will not affect the temperature of your tank water in any way.
  • EASILY MOUNTS TO YOUR AQUARIUM:Aluminum housing and adjustable mounting legs fit both rimless and framed aquarium tank from 48 inches to 56 inches

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