Natural Rapport Aquarium Water Conditioner – The Only All-in-1 Water Conditioner Fish Need, Naturally Detoxifies and Removes Ammonia, Nitrite, Chlorine, and Chloramine (16 fl oz.)

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About the Natural Rapport Aquarium Water Conditioner

Any fish owner can tell you that having a fish tank in your home can be a delightful addition to your life. However, keeping the water suitably clean can be an unpleasant and hassling chore. With the Aquarium Water Conditioner for Fish Tanks formula, you can ensure the water you add during water changes is Fish Safe Water! Add the water conditioner to tap or well water before adding it to your fish tank on water changes. This conditioner is an all-in-one solution and doesn’t need to be supplemented by a slime coat product. Remove ammonia, chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals from water and add a slime coat and needed electrolytes in one easy step. It also buffers pH for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. By using the Aquarium Water Conditioner by Natural Rapport in your fish’s aquarium, you can save yourself time and money while providing your fish with the cleanest, clearest stress free aquatic environment!

About Natural Rapport

At Natural Rapport, we are pet parents who are passionate about the furry, feathery, and scaly members of our families and yours. Our passion drives us to create wholesome treats and natural-based grooming, aquatic, and specialty products that keep our pets healthy and fellow pet parents happy. Natural Rapport is a family-owned business and has been a worldwide supplier of natural products for 21 years. Our mission is to offer natural pet products, to replace the everyday chemical products currently found in the marketplace. We offer natural products for dogs, birds, horses, fish, and more. We have over customers worldwide that have teamed with us in providing natural products for their pets and their home!

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE CONDITIONER – For Your Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums. No need for separate steps, supplies, accessories, or chemical kits to treat API stress coats, slime coats. Our professional chlorine remover does it all in one step.
  • SALT & FRESHWATER – Treatments during changes will help your betta, goldfish, or others thrive as it balances pH, adds electrolytes, slime and stress coats for your fish. Also safer for saltwater marine invertebrates, plants and crustaceans.
  • DETOXIFIES & REMOVES HARMFUL CHEMICALS – Quick to remove harmful bacteria such as Ammonia, Nitrate, Chlorine, Chloramine, Heavy Metals, and more. Our ‘Natural Choice’ Dechlorinator and clarifier does all this plus is safer for your aquarium.
  • ALL-IN-ONE CONDITIONER – Makes your tap water instantly safe by removing harsh chemicals and detoxifies heavy metals. is so effective and safe it is also recommended for aqua live reefs. From beta fish to exotics, our treatment is great for all.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Made in the USA, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are a family-owned business passionate about making wholesome, natural products to keep your beautiful fresh- or sea salt-water fish safer and tanks healthier.

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