Otterly Pets Plastic Plants for Fish Tank Decorations Large Artificial Aquarium Decor and Accessories (Blue and Purple 8-Pack)

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Colorful plastic plants that are environmentally safe for your fish. Will brighten up and make your fish tank aquarium much more vibrant and lively. Your fish will love to swim around the plants to give them more of a playful area to live in. Attached Pedestal: Every plant in this set has a pedestal at the bottom, it is heavy and firm, and with the pedestal, the plants will stay firm and not float around in the aquarium. Safe material: These fish tank plants are all made of plastic without any metal items, soft and erosion-resisting, and they are perfectly safe for your fishes.

  • LIFELIKE BEAUTIFUL AQUARIUM DECORATIONS – This set of 8 large artificial plants comes in vividly bright and complimentary color hues. Transform your tank into the vibrant and colorful environment that it’s meant to be.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE – Our non-toxic aquatic plants are made from inert non-metallic plastic with a ceramic base. This means that they are free from rust and rot, do not affect the PH or water chemistry and related conditions in your tank, and are perfectly safe for your fish allowing them to swim and play without worry.
  • FOR LARGER TANKS – The plant ornaments range in height from 4 to 12 inches, making them a great fit for 20 gallon tanks and larger.
  • WEIGHTED PEDESTALS – Each plant is weighted down with a reliably solid and stable ceramic base, which prevents the plants from floating around in your fish tank. The leafy parts of the plants are removable from the pedestal for cleaning as needed.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE AND LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Unlike live plants, our artificial plants don’t need specialized fertilizer, lighting, carbon dioxide, or nutritious substrates. They won’t grow too large, die, become tattered and unattractive, or introduce any foreign and harmful pests into your tank. They don’t need any pruning and will continually add beauty to your aquarium while also providing your fish with a comforting shelter. Backed by Otterly Pets Legendary No-Hassle Lifetime Guarantee.

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