SunGrow Betta Plakat Heater, 10-Watt Submersible Aquarium Water Heater for Small Tanks (1.5-Gallons), with Preset Temperature Capability, Suction Cups Included

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What size tank is this SunGrow Aquarium heater used for?
The size of the water heater is 13.5*2.5*1.5 inches. This has enough power to heat up max 3.5-gallon tanks. If you have a bigger tank, consider using multiple SunGrow aquarium heater. The heater runs between 8-13 W. You can easily install it against the aquarium pane.

Why is a fully submersible heater better than half submersible?
The fully submersible heater gives the aquarium hobbyist more freedom to place the heater wherever they prefer in the tank. Each aquarist will decide on the ideal placement of the heater. The heat will circulate due to the flow of water from your filter. Ideally, your filter will thoroughly mix the water creating a calm and tranquil habitat for your fancy crowntail betta.

How will this heater help with energy conservation?
This heater has an efficient heating module which can transfer the electrical energy into heat energy at a rate that is 20% higher than the traditional heating rods. It is more resilient than traditional glass sleeve heaters.

How it will affect my fish?
The extra strength engineered plastic keeps your fish away from the heating element and deters any exposure or collision with the actual heat source. It also has an Auto Shut-Off feature. So if the aquarium is overheated, it shuts off automatically and resets when it cools down.

Please inspect the heating rod and power cord to check there is no breakage before use.

  • ✔ KEEP YOUR BETTA HEALTHY — To ensure that your betta has optimal health, you need to provide her with warm water. The water in the tank should not go below 74°F for optimal comfort and metabolic efficiency of your crown tail betta. The cold temperature for this gourami family fish will make her lethargic, stressed, and miserable.
  • ✔ AUTOMATICALLY REACHES THE PRESET TEMPERATURE — The smart SunGrow heater for this freshwater fish has a built-in electronic thermostat to automatically maintain water around 72°F which is ideal for most tropical fish. It saves you from the trouble of constantly keeping a check on the temperature of your tank. It will automatically shut down when it will reach the desired temperature, no manual adjustment is needed.
  • ✔ CREATES THE IDEAL CONDITIONS FOR FLORA AND FAUNA — The eastern Asian fish species can survive in a freshwater environment. This heater by SunGrow will create ideal conditions for them. A few preconditions are required to allow it to run with maximum efficiency. The heater must be completely submerged in the water and the indoor temperature should be around 62-74°F.
  • ✔ SUCTION CUPS INCLUDED FOR EASY INSTALLATION —- Easily install the SunGrow Heater vertically or horizontally by using the built-in suction cups to attach to your tank. The best location to place the heater is in the stream of a powerhead or near the water flow, such as the outlet (or inlet) from the filter. This way the heat is evenly distributed throughout your tank.
  • ✔ FULLY SUBMERSIBLE WATER HEATER— This 10-watt aquarium heater supports 1.5 gallons (5 liters) fish tank. Its exterior is designed with tougher than glass and the sealed polymer can be submerged into your tank. The heating element is surrounded by a thick plastic to ensure the protection of these caudal-finned betta fish.

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