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Maybe it will be distorted when you get it due to the long way shipping or the packing, but don’t worry, just soak in warm water for about 30 minutes before placing in the tank, it helps soften and make the plants back to realistic.

Why We Need to Choose Fake Aquarium Plants?

1: Like real plants, artificial plants offer fish fantastic places to hide and explore, but very affordable, live plants are more expensive than artificial plants.
2: Artificial plants look very life-like, but do not need tidy, won’t clog up the filter like live plants do.
3: Plastic fish tank decorations have no risk of decay, will not look tatty as live plants do.
4: Artificial aquarium plants don’t need special substrate required, a real plant can cause problems if not cared for properly.

Easy To Install
Rinse and soak the plant in warm water for 15-30 minutes, to relax the fabric and give them an even more realistic look. Place them into the aquarium, sinking the ceramic base into the gravel.

Don’t need to look after your plants, but will not decay
Artificial plants don’t need specialized lighting and nutritious substrates. they won’t die, grow too large, or become tattered and unattractive. they don’t need any pruning, and will stay beautiful season after season.

Looks Realistic
Each our package has 2 plants, one is red aquarium plant and the other is green, both of them look realistic, lifelike. And they are full and fluffy and provide lots of hiding area. The fish will absolutely like to swimming through and around them.

Size: height, 15.7 inch
Material: PVC plastic and ceramic base
Color: red and green

Package include:
2*aquarium plants

  • ✅Soft Enough – This aquarium plants are soft, don’t tear up your fish’s fins, and will not cut your beta, good to use for fish tank decorations.
  • ✅Could Stand Up Straight – The bases of this tall aquarium plants are made of hardened ceramics, they sank down to the bottom of the water well, will stand up straight , and will not float in the water.
  • ✅Easy to Clean – Our fish tank decorations plants are easy to clean, just simply using a soft brush to remove any waste or algae without any trouble.
  • ✅Big Size – The height of this big aquarium plants is 15.7 inch, good for a 40 gallon or bigger size tank.
  • ✅Health Material – Our large aquarium plants are made of high quality PVC plastic, with on strange smell. For more safety, we suggest to clean them with hot water before putting them in your tank.

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