Tugaizi Aquarium Fish Net Fine Quick Catch Mesh Nylon Fishing Catch Nets with Plastic Handle – Green (3in, 4in,5in, 6in)

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Our net is made of soft nylon material, which will not harm your fish during tank cleaning or fish transfer. Plastic handles not only prevent rust but also prevent slippage, greatly increasing the service life of fishing nets

Advantage: The fishing net adopts non-toxic, odorless and tough nylon mesh, which is easy to catch in deep pockets, has high toughness, long service life, non-slip design and easy operation.

Quantity: 4pcs
Color: green

Package Included : Our product set contains four different sizes of fishing nets, which are more convenient and can meet your needs at one time.

Aquarium accessories square green fishing net

  • SIZE: 2 Size: 3″: Approx. 2.75 x 2.95″ Handle length: 9.84 inches 4″: Approx.3.14 x 3.93″ Handle length: 9.84 inches 5″: Approx.3.94 x 4.72″ Handle length: 11.81 inches 6″: Approx.4.72 x 5.90″ Handle length: 11.81 inches
  • MATERIAL: Made of Soft, rush-proof and lightweight nylon net .All metal parts are plastic coated. The superior plastic coating that frames the neck of the net offers an overall sturdier grip, and the cushiony soft padding wrapped around the handle allows for a smooth and comfortable grip.
  • ADVANTAGE: Our packaging contains four sizes, different sizes, can be exchanged for use, more convenient and fast, can meet your daily needs. Our net no harm to fish, perfect for cleaning debris in water such as extra food and excess decoration.
  • APPLICABILITY: Durable, the non-slip handle is not easy to bend. Fine nylon mesh is very soft, crushed fish is very safe, greatly reducing the harm to fish. Durable construction means it will last for many years without bending or breaking.
  • FUNCTION: It’s a great tool for catching your fish when routine tank maintenance is necessary. Remove the floating surface of the water ,cleaning up debris in water tanks, won’t hurt the fish, easy to operate. The fine mesh network is intertwined, making it easier and more enjoyable to capture any unwanted objects in your fish or aquarium.

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3in, 4in,5in, 6in












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