UPMCT Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlet Adjustable Air Valve, Ultra Silent Oxygen Air Pump with Accessories Air Stones Silicone Tube Check Valves, Suitable for 1-80 Gallon Tank (5 L/min)

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A good aquarium air pump should be seen, isn’t it?
The UPMCT aquarium air pump is well-constructed and quietly energizes air into the aquarium’s electrical equipment with low power consumption, which able to use in drive aerodynamic equipment such as air stones, foam trim and sponge filters. The UPMCT aquarium air pump will make your aquarium full of oxygen and keep fish healthy and thrive.

Easy to install
All of accessories can be assembled with a few minutes, please set the pump above the aquarium or fish tank. You can also add a check valve between the air pump and the air stone to prevent back siphoning.

Adjustable, double outlets
You just need to turn the air pump knob to adjust the flow rate as your tank size.

Noise reduction
The base added rubber feet, which able to reduce the noise. It will not fall off after using like the suction-type air pump for a while, nor vibration when working like a hook-type air pump.

●Voltage: 110 -120 V, 50 – 60 Hz
●Exhaust volume: adjustable, maximum reach 5L / min (2×2.5L / min)
●Pressure: 0.02 MPa
●Power: 3.0 watts
●Noise: <40 dB
●Size: 4.3×2.4×2 inch
●Applicable water tank capacity: 1-80 gallons
●Fit for freshwater and marine aquarium fish tanks

1. Do not put it in the aquarium, keep it dry.
2. Equipped with a 6.6ft high quality silicone tube that you can cut it as required
3. In order to extend the service life of the air pump, we recommend you clean the silicone tube and the air stones regularly.
4. If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us and you will get a satisfactory response soon.

Package Includes:
1 x UPMCT aquarium air pump
1 x 6.6 ft silicone tube
1 x user manual
2 x air stone
2 x check valve

  • Efficiency: 3Watt, Maximum flow rate: 2.5L/min * 2, Pressure: 0.02Mpa, Sound: 20-40dB
  • 【Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlets】It is easy to insert multiple fish tanks or aquariums through the silicone tube on the double outlets. The length of the trachea and the position of the aquarium do not affect the airflow, and the air will flow through the connected equipment as needed.
  • 【Adjustable Flow Rate, Suitable for 1-80 Gallon Tank】According to the size of tanks, adjust the flow rate, which help your fish thrive in the oxygen-rich environment. The best specifications tanks for home or office applications are between 1 to 60 gallons, and the sound of the aquarium air pump will be limited between 20-40 decibels. With the increase of flow rate, the sound will gradually increase from low to high, and the maximum volume of tank able to 80 gallons.
  • 【Anti-noise and Shockproof】Driven by piezoelectric ceramic plates, inorganic oil and other pollutants. The air pump has a slight vibration during operation due to its’ working principle. In that case, we have added 4 rubber feet on the base to absorb the noise generated by the friction. And put it on a blanket or mouse pad, which able to keep it quieter.
  • 【Complete Accessories】We provide 2 check valves, 2 air stones, 6.6 ft silicone tubing for cutting. If you do not install the check valve, please make sure to set the air pump above the water tank to prevent back siphoning.

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