VivaGrow DN DayNight RGB 24/7 Customize Automation Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Fish Tank Light Extendable Remote (48″ – 52″)

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VivaGrow DayNight RGB 24/7 LED Aquarium Light New and updated for 2020. The DN series offers a variety of customization features. Notable upgrades are the ability to customize the day and night cycles, extendable brackets, and higher grade LED chips. The Day and Night cycles mimics what mother nature offers to all wildlife. The auto cycle mode begins with an early dawn glow and transitions in to a warmer energizing sunrise morning. It is continued with an intense color blazing high noon and follows with a scaling down to a red sun drowned sunset. The cycle finishes with a starry night blue moonlight. The cycle will repeat automatically by itself in real time. Users are now able to customize each cycle with their preferred setting of spectrum and intensity. The upgraded LED chips are now installed to provide a high quality output in addition to usability unlike other alternatives that over-exaggerate performance. Other notable features include preset weather patterns, four memory slots for personalized setting, and a slim modern aluminum construction.

  • Automated 24/7 cycle mode mimics the effect of a slow sunrise, bright daylight and gentle sunset, providing your aquarium with a natural lighting cycle
  • Newly upgraded feature includes user customizable 24/7 cycles, extendable brackets, and upgraded LED chips
  • Adjustable intensity and spectrum provides the perfect lighting for your freshwater aquarium
  • Four pre-set weather pattern light and four user customized memory slots
  • The infrared remote offers hands free control of this sleek light fixture.

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